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I was born & raised in a small northern town into a very artistic, talented family. From the time I was a toddler, I knew that I loved to write and sing about my surroundings. As a sensitive and intuitive child, I always sought out ways to express myself in a wide variety of creative forms, in order to deal with sensory overload! I was blessed to attend a public school that held many concerts, and truly cherished the arts. Aside from singing & acting in annual holiday plays, I also was cast as the lead role of Juliet [Romeo & Juliet] in grade 6. I truly fell in love with performing on stage night after night, in front of large audiences. It was here that I found my comfort & beautiful vulnerability time after time. I truly was blessed to be recognized by my fellow teachers, classmates, and family - and heck, even by "strangers" in my community! I later attended an arts high school where I again was able to hone my skills and grow as an artist - both on and off stage. From there I studied visual art in college, and upon graduating I found myself feeling a huge yearning to get onto my local music scene. An opportunity arose to showcase my original music on a local tv show in 2011.. and the rest is history! I've spent all of my time after that writing, recording, and playing gigs! I'm truly blessed for all of the amazing connections & faithful supporters I've met both in my hometown and across the globe.